Aww common, you don't really wanna know anything about me.. here this is a nice website about zebras it's much more interesting.

Well if your still here i suppose i could say something about myself..

My name is Ian, and i'm from a really cold part of canada, montreal. Yesterday it was -45F outside, on my way to my brother's igloo i almost lost two of my favorite dogs (dog sled) to the cold. Anyway, some of my hobbies include watching american tv (i love reality shows where i can watch people do stuff that i do every day), shoveling my driveway, and listening to m.c. mario (he's this really good dj here in canada who plays amazing unground rave music). Right now i'm being schooled by my neighbour john, he's smart and knows how to program my vcr. His wife is nice, but i don't like his son bobby, he's always calling me names.

Here is a picture of me at my computer (it took me a whole year to save up to buy it, and it's really nice):

Sorry, my desk is messy in that picture, my mom tells me to clean it up, but i'm too lazy.

This is a picture of highway 666 i took while i was driving to california last summer:

driving in the USA was hot, and i didn't like nevada much, i got a speeding ticket from a mean police officer, he said i was driving too fast, meany.while i was driving on highway 666 i was feeling a bit devilish, hehe. i also passed through nevada, and death valley, i don't know why they call it that, i didn't see any dead people.. but it was really hot, my thermometer was past 110F!

This is a picture of the DJ booth i built with a friend of mine jason:

it took us more then a week to build, and i stained my pants by accident when i was staining the wood red, but it was still fun, jason's a nice guy.

here is a picture of me, my mom was bugging me with her new camera, i was busy counting my pennies (i'm saving up for a new mouse for my computer):

as you can see i like fruit loops and frosted flakes, also i like crispers (they're crunchy).

thanks for coming to my fun web page about me! bye!